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Stuck at “Requesting Login..” — Elder Scrolls Online

Stuck at “Requesting Login..” — Elder Scrolls Online

Oct 2, 2018 … Please try closing ESO and the ESO launcher. Open the ESO launcher again and run a repair. You may be missing an update preventing you from …

What can I do if I am receiving a “Requesting Login” message when …

Sign into and click the Unlink Steam Account button from the Linked Accounts tab. Launch the game through the Steam Client. When …

FIXED: Stuck at Requesting Login Screen — Elder Scrolls Online

Feb 22, 2018 … Since Monday (Feb 19) I’ve been unable to log in to the game. It starts up, and I get the “Requesting Login” message until I quit.

stuck at “requesting login” screen :: The Elder Scrolls Online English

so, i bought this game about seven hours ago. most of these past seven hours has been downloading, and despite the 106 minutes of playtime my account says it has, i have not been able to get to the actual game itself because every time i open the stupid thing it just sits at the “requesting login” screen for 30+ minutes. is there an actual fix to this or did i waste my money

(SOLVED) “Requesting login” forever :: The Elder Scrolls Online …

I press PLAY in the launcher and when the game opens it just shows “requesting login…” without me pressing anything. And nothing else happens, ever. I pressed repair in the launcher, restarted steam and my computer many times, still nothing. Any ideas?

Anyone else stuck on requesting login? :: The Elder Scrolls Online …

I had the game, now I bought a steam copy and linked them. I am trying to log and I am stuck on requesting login screen : (

Solved: Elder Scrolls Online: Unable to Login to game – Stadia …

Anyone else having issue playing Elder Scrolls Online? It is not allowing me to log in. It gives me the requesting login message then the screen losses focus and nothing happens… I am on the chrome browser.

Infinite Requesting Login :: The Elder Scrolls Online English

I searched the internet for an answer, none of the suggestions worked. They were all from 2016 as well, so I dont know what to think right now. The most promising fix was launching from the launcher in the game files but it says I need to connect to steam to play. I only get the infinite request login screen through steam. Any ideas?

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