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Repeat Login Campaign – FFXI Wiki


Repeat Login Campaign - FFXI Wiki
Repeat Login Campaign – FFXI Wiki

This system was created to encourage players to log in every real life day in exchange for receiving points based on the number of days you sign on during each …

FINAL FANTASY XI Repeat Login Campaign


100 points. Mog Kupon I-S1, Eudaemon Blade, Eudaemon Cape, Eudaemon Ring. Eudaemon Sash, Eudaemon Shld. Drill Calamary, Dwarf Pugil.

Repeat Login Campaign | FFXIclopedia | Fandom


Occurs monthly starting July 2013. During Repeat Login Campaigns, players are awarded special points that can be traded to a Greeter Moogle for specific in-game items. Each day (Earth time) that a character logs in to FINAL FANTASY XI during the campaign, he or she is rewarded with a certain number of points. Login point totals are calculated separately for each character. As of April 2016, up to 1,500 unused login points will carry over to the next campaign. The amount of points you receive var

Greeter Moogle | FFXIclopedia | Fandom


Repeat Login Campaign No. 1 Prizes Repeat Login Campaign No. 2 Prizes Repeat Login Campaign No. 3 Prizes Repeat Login Campaign No. 4 Prizes Repeat Login Campaign No. 5 Prizes Repeat Login Campaign No. 6 Prizes Repeat Login Campaign No. 7 Prizes

Final Fantasy XI’s Repeat Login Campaign No. 9 Announced


Following the conclusion of Final Fantasy XI‘s Repeat Login Campaign No. 8, Square Enix has announced the start of the Repeat Login Campaign No. 9. Many of the same rewards from the previous campaign are being offered, along with three notable additions, and one exclusion. The Trust alter-ago of Zeid, who was originally offered during

Repeat Login Campaign #6 – FFXIAH.com


Hmm.. to put a different spin on this.. while I’m fine with these campaigns, I have a friend who is considering quitting FFXI because he’s sick …

FINAL FANTASY XI on Twitter: “The #FFXI Repeat Login Campaign …

“The #FFXI Repeat Login Campaign has begun! Log in, collect points, and save up for some great in-game items! http://t.co/5EjBwqaqga”

The Survey Results Are In as the Repeat Login Campaign No. 10 …

The Survey Results Are In as the Repeat Login Campaign No. 10 Comes Shufflin’ Into Town!

The tenth Final Fantasy XI repeat login campaign begins today! All-new in this campaign is the in-game item “Cipher: Luzaf,” available for 500 points (five logins)! Cipher: Luzaf enables the…

March 2015 Repeat Login Campaign! :: Final Fantasy XI :: ZAM


Mar 9, 2015 … Get ready to rack up points for fabulous prizes again, for the return of the annual Repeat Login Campaign for Final Fantasy XI is about to …

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