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HHIN Login

HHIN Login
HHIN Login

HMSA Provider Resource Center For HHIN Technical Assistance, contact the HHIN Help Desk at (808) 948-6446, or send an email to [email protected]

Provider Portal

Provider Portal – At Your Fingertips. HMSA is pleased to offer this comprehensive, frequently updated online reference for healthcare providers who serve …


Provider Log In. Forgot Password or Email Address? Log In. Interested in joining HMSA’s Online Care? Register Now. Practice Staff? Login Here.

Providers | HMSA Dental

Or just want to confirm what we have on our side is current? Please verify your information on our Find a Dentist page. Online Services. Access member …

Provider Library

Formularies: Review the detailed list of medications that are offered to HMSA members. Claims & Billing Info: Access reference information for billing and …

HHIN Documents & Information

HHIN (Hawaii Healthcare Information Network) is a free secure HMSA website that participating providers use to access members’ plan, benefit, …

Online Services | HMSA Dental

A dentist and her staff members are in a conference room using HMSA dental … other healthcare providers to help close dental and medical care gaps. Log in.

Hawaii Medical Service Association

Welcome. Welcome to HMSA’s new online portal. If this is your first time logging in since 08/07/2021,please reset your password to continue

Provider Resource Center

Due to COVID-19 impacts, please sign up for timely direct deposit and electronic Reports to Provider. Please reach out to [email protected] for further …

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CMS 1500 Claims Filing – Professional services. General information: Recorded Webinar:.

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