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Securly – The Student Safety Company

Securly - The Student Safety Company
Securly – The Student Safety Company

Securly is K-12’s leading provider of end-to-end technology solutions to help schools safeguard digital learning, help teachers do their best work, strengthen parent partnerships, and much more.

Securly Device Console

User Login. Log In. Sign In with Google · Forgot your password?

Login to continue

Login to continue. Please log in with your school email and password. Google Icon Login with Google MS Azure Icon Login with Microsoft Azure AD.

Why can’t I login to Securly Safety Console? – Support

You may face problems logging into your Securly admin console/Securly account if: You are attempting to log in using a different domain address that is not registered with Securly. Please verify y…

Parent Login

“Securly is paving the way for our kids to take off and soar safely as they pursue their learning goals using the technology available to them!”.

What is forced login? – Support

To allow Securly to efficiently monitor and report student activity, we recommend that you enable Forced Login in the Global Settings. With forced login, users are required to log in to their Googl…

Why don’t I see any blocked sites when I login to the Parent Portal …–Why-don-t-I-see-any-blocked-sites-when-I-login-to-the-Parent-Portal-

The Parent Portal helps you keep a track of your child’s online activity both in school and at home. Depending upon school policies, parents may also be able to manage their child’s access levels a…

What to expect when using Securly’s Restrict Google Login feature …

As more and more schools choose Securly, we find school staff and students taking their devices to other school districts who also use Securly. This is great!  We would love to see collaboration am…

Securly Classroom – Clever application gallery | Clever

Classroom Management for Chromebooks and other devices

Why does the student take-home login page display two login options?

Whenever a student starts a new browsing session at home, he is required to log in to Google or Azure AD to allow Securly to capture user-specific activity. This is essential to generate student-sp…

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