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Can’t log in to launcher – STAR WARS: The Old Republic


Check out My New Speeder http://www.swtor.com/sites/all/files…/screen_01.jpg. MGA Find Help at EA ANSWERS HQ …

Solved: Can’t login to SWTor.com or the SWTOR launcher – Answer …


I was on SWTOR game early today’ but now at 5:06 EST I can’t login to the launcher the website. The launcher say login services are not available and the website says login failed but i’m typing my account info correctly and used the captcha.

STAR WARS: The Old Republic – can’t login


Problem with the launcher – can’t login · Ensure that your computers and accounts date, time and time zone are set correctly. · Try flushing the …

SWTOR Can’t Log In Guide

SWTOR Can’t Log In Guide

Most players should be able to just log in to their account. If you do run in to problems though, here’s the most common solutions. Customer support will not help…

Can ‘t log in to the website – STAR WARS: The Old Republic


Check out My New Speeder http://www.swtor.com/sites/all/files…/screen_01.jpg. MGA Find Help at EA ANSWERS HQ …

Can’t Login via Steam : r/swtor

Can’t Login via Steam from swtor

So I installed swtor on steam and when I go and try to login it gives me the error saying “We can’t log you in. Please double-check you’re using the…

Whay am I not able to log into swtor on steam with a different …


Hello, I have 2 accounts for swtor. Why? I wanted to find out what free to play really was so I made another account. My subscription account is the one I mainly play on. Why can I no login on Steam with it? Steam keeps wanting my f2p account.

The Old Republic (@SWTOR) / Twitter

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Create Account – Star Wars: The Old Republic


Log into your SWTOR account on SWTOR.com to change your email preferences online or you can email [email protected] (subject header Email Opt-Out) or …

Can’t login –… – SWTOR Dev Tracker | Facebook


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